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Birthdate:May 23
- Son of Wolverine and Itsu
- Carved out of his dead mother's stomach by Romulus
- Adopted and raised by Akihira and his wife
- Killed Akihira's biological baby and accidentally killed his adopted mother, causing Akihira to kill himself
- Was then raised by Romulus to become a killer and a worthy successor to Romulus' empire
- Discovered Wolverine was his biological father, hated him, and launched several unsuccessful attacks against him
- Joined the Dark Avengers to piss of his father
- Escaped before the Dark Avengers all got arrested
- Attempted unsuccessfully to have Romulus and Wolverine kill each other
- Fought Wolverine and lost
- Had his two wrist claws removed by Wolverine, leaving large scars

- Only cares about himself
- Puts on airs in order to deceive
- Views everyone as puppets or things to be manipulated
- Believes himself to be superior to everyone else
- Will let people think they're in charge to suit his needs
- Has an aristocratic sense of culture
- Speaks many languages (mastered at least 5—Japanese, English, Italian, Greek, and Arabic)
- At his core is a ruthless and vicious animal
- Is hard to anger, but if he is he's out for blood
- Is considered bisexual, but in actuality uses sex as a means to an end (and an emotional outlet)

- Heightened senses
- Pheromone manipulation

- Accelerated healing factor
- Two bone claws on each hand
- Highly skilled fighter
- Received samurai training

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