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[The camera blinks on as a child wearing a red Yukata, and has an identical mullethawk  haircut as Daken hits a keys.  He's staring hard at the keyboard and pressing random keys, not liking the sound that comes out.  He presses them even harder.]

I've never heard a typewriter make noises like this before....

[He looks up and notices the webcam.]

What the...?

[He stares into the camera until only a blurry eye can be seen.]

I think it's a camera lens.  Where's the rest of it? 

[His confidence falters.]

...I think it's a camera lens...  

[But he quickly regains it.]

It looks like the camera lens in father's book.  Sort of.

[He stares at the screen.]

But what's this???
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[Daken waits a moment for the camera to focus.  He's an attractive, exotic (as if you can't place exactly where he's from--but it's half asian) man who appears to be in his mid 20s, with a long, floppy mohawk that sits neatly on his head.  He's wearing an expensive Italian shirt with the first three buttons undone, revealing part of the tribal tattoo that covers half his chest and his left arm.  He takes a breath and starts.]

Hello.  I've noticed that several of you have started video logs, and I suppose I should as well.  I don't like being left out, after all.  My name is Daken, and like you, I am stuck here for as long as my timeline is corrupted.

[He pauses, as if trying to figure out what else to say.]

I've encountered some of you already, and it seems we all cover such vastly different walks of life.  There are heroes, death gods, renaissance men, countries...  Hmph, and just when you think you've seen everything, you realize you haven't.  Ah well, I'm sure we'll all get to know one another soon enough anyway.  The island doesn't seem to be that large.

[Looking sincere is hard.]

Well, Good luck, everyone, on trying to get home.  If anyone needs help with anything, leave me a response. I have more time than I know what to do with.

[He's lost in thought as he moves to turn the camera off.  Here, he has a blank slate.  No one knows him, no one knows what he's done...  or what he's capable of.  This is the ace in his sleeve, and he's going to keep it as close to him as possible.  This will be his biggest deception yet.]


Jul. 4th, 2010 07:58 pm
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This is my first time playing Daken, so any sort of feedback (positive or negative), comments, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.  I only want to be the best mass murderer Daken I can be.

Anon is on (but I would prefer if you didn't anon), IP logging is off, and all posts are screened.
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Many of you might not be familiar with who Daken is, so here are 10 short facts to help you get to know him.

1. Biologically, he's Wolverine's son.  However, he wasn't raised by him, and he harbors a deep hatred for him.

2. He's bisexual, but only in the sense that he'll hit on both men and women.  He's not attracted to people though--everything is considered leverage to him.

3. As part of his mutant gene, he was born with three bone claws--two at his index and ring finger knuckles, and one that comes out at his wrist--on each hand.  However, during a fight with Wolverine, Daken lost his two wrist claws, and as a result, he has two long scars down his wrists.  It looks as if he tried to kill himself, so as a result he tries to hide it.  He still has the other claws, and he's not afraid to use them.

4. Another part of his mutant gene is the healing factor he inherited from his father.  Daken is physically 60+, but looks like someone in his mid-20s.

5. Daken cares about one person and one person only--himself.  He views everyone else as a puppet to get what he wants.  As a result, he's a master manipulator who will say or do anything to gain your trust and your information.

6. Although he spent most of his life in the shadows with his mentor, he did get a taste of the limelight as a member of Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers.  He played the role of Wolverine, primarily to piss of his father, but also to draw attention to himself.  However, when he saw that as a sinking ship, he was the sole member to escape arrest.

7. His adoptive parents were Japanese upper-class, and raised him to be a "proper" young man. The way he was raised carried over to his adult life, and as a result, he is very fond of the finer things in life.  He's used to living in sub-par conditions, as he did frequently while living with his mentor, Romulus, he finds those things beneath him.

8. Daken enjoys learning languages, and he's picked up multiple languages over the course of his life.  Canonically he speaks Japanese, English, Italian, and Greek, and he most likely speaks several African languages as well as Arabic.

9. Although he has a temper, he's not easy to piss off.  He'd much rather get back at you later in some subtle way than to lunge at you with claws bared.  With the right triggers, you can get that reaction out of him, though.

10. At his core, Daken is an animal.  His primal instincts are most important to him.  Don't be deceived.
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Name: Daken (birth name – Akihiro)

Fandom: Marvel

Age: Looks mid-twenties, but in reality is around 68.

Point in Canon: Immediately after Wolverine Origins #48
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